Monday, June 28, 2010

Monzamedia - Day 25 (Final Day)

Fri 25th:
Have to have 2 layouts, 2 colour options and a cover designed before the end of the day. I finished off the tweaking of the design and got started on layout, once that was done I got the cover designed and sent two options to the client before the end of the day.

Although my internship is done, Matt offered me the opportunity to carry on working during the holidays and during college throughout the year.

Monzamedia - Day 23/24

Wed 23rd:
Got feedback from the client today of which logo they chose and was given a new brief to design a brochure for the catalogue which is being worked on at the moment. Played around with some ideas, showed Matt, and we discussed what would work and what doesn’t.

Thu 24th:
I worked more on the brochure design today which Donato is also working on as he is doing his own design. I finished the design to a point when Matt wanted to see. There were a few things that needed tweaking and we discussed colour options as well. I felt the pressure today.

Mozamedia - Day 21/22

Mon 21st:
Had a much better day today, got many other ideas for the logo, and Matt seemed happy with the choices. I had to, before the end of the day, choose the 4 I liked the best and we sat down and compared them to the ones I hadn’t chosen.

Tue 22nd:
I had to finish the logo today and get an image sent off to the client with options so they can choose the final one. I sat with Matt and we discussed a few things and by 4o’clock we had 3 logo options with 3 colour choices i.e. 9 choices. We then sent the options to the client.

Monzamedia - Day 18

Fri 18th:
I did one or two touch ups on the car vinyl, but had mostly a frustrating day today. Most of the ideas for the logo I did have were not working and I wasn’t getting many ideas to start with. Because of this it felt like a long day.

Monzamedia - Day 16/17

Wed 16th:
More tweaking on the car vinyl design, and I start coming up with some ideas for the logo design.

Thu 17th:
Finished the design on the car today and got the Freehand and Photoshop file finalised. Sent the images to the client and worked on the logo design some more.

Monzamedia - Day 15

Tue 15th:
Worked more on the car vinyl design, created another optional bullet hole, tried to make it work but it just wasn’t.

We eventually opted for more of a simple approach where we took the logo and placed that large on the side of the car.

I also had to take this design and wrap it on a picture of the car they will be using in Photoshop.

Monzamedia - Day 14

Mon 14th:
Finished college on Friday and am back at Monzamedia.

I get told that I might get to design a logo for a range of products in a catalogue sometime that week. My first bit of work I get to do is a car vinyl design. The main design was already done by Donato and I had to try and make one element on the side of the car look like its coming out of a bullet hole.

I also get told that the one site they were working on before is up and running and I see that the animation I worked on is on there as well which is pretty cool.