Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monzamedia - Day 8/9/10

Well I finished the vector art today, only had a bit to do, and then got back to work on the animation. I spent the next 3 days working on this as I was told by the end of day10 I must have the gecko doing a full loop, touch ups and that will come later but we just need to get him walking in a full circle so the timing of the animation can therefore be determined, what he is going to do and when. I've used about 120 frames for the animation.

Worked on him walking on the top towards the left off the screen, slow progress made...

Worked on him settling back into place from the bottom, worked faster as I'm getting the hang of the movement.

Finished off the walking off and onto screen, got the full loop done. Tail needs work and character elements need to be developed, i.e. breathing, stopping, maybe catching a fly.

By the end of this week I was drained, dealines at college became a bit more diffcult to juggle...time is but so scarce.

Monzamedia - Day 6/7

Got given part2 of the Gecko brief...Its a flash website and Donato wants me to build the artwork he developed in Photoshop, in Flash, in vector (try to keep up:)

I wasn't sure I had the skills to do this yet and was a bit apprehensive, but I gave it a go anyway. I actually ended up surprising myself and also taught myself how to build really cool vector objects in Flash.

Worked on building the bigger content areas today and finished the smaller icons. I'm happy with what i've learned and also with the result. I now look forward to using vector in future briefs.

All in all a good week...

Monzamedia - Day 5

Started with the Gecko frame by frame animation today, took me awhile to get my head into the workings of how a gecko walks and had to do research into how best to make it move.

The first challenge was to get him into a position whereby I could start working with it with ease, Donato helped me abit with some ideas behind the movement. No deadline was given to me as yet and so I just got workin...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monzamedia - Day 4

Day four and the logo has to be finished by the end of the day. Matt and I sat down together, he gave me a crit and there were a few extra things I need to do as well.

I have to have four different options of the logo with the plane yellow and four options with the plane white, have it layed out ready for presentation with variations in the slogon type. Above is the option that Matt and I agreed was the logo that we thought worked the best. I had one hour to get all the above finished.

I got another brief today from Donato. He wants me to animate a gecko in flash for a website which is a logo for a company...yikes, but cool! I think it's gona be tricky but we'll see...

until next week monday...

Monzamedia - Day 2/3

So it's monday and I get an official brief as to what I need to do and what the client and Monzamedia are looking for. As mentioned before they are looking for an aeroplane icon to go with their existing logo. I got to work straight away as the reseach was done last week wednesday.

I did some further work on the logo today and am nearly finished. I was left alone most of the day but did get alot of help form Donato, he knows his stuff and has some really good simple ideas that tend to work well. I can already see that I am learning from this experience.

Above is an evolution of the planes I designed from 1-4.

Today I felt the fatigue from juggling college and my internship.

Monzamedia - Day 1

Ok so I started my internship at Monzamedia on the 28th and got introduced to the guys...Matt, Donato and Dane. The vibe feels good so far and I feel pretty comfortable within the environment. The rules were laid down firstly and also what is expected of me, after the formalities I got to work.

My first day involved doing some basic research on existing storage companys and their logos. I was told that I would be designing a logo for a company in Cape Town as they wanted to extend the existing one they had with a pictorial element, an aeroplane.

I spent 3 hours from 2-5pm there and will be doing just that on a monday to wednesday after college.

The future of fine watchmaking

We had to create 2 banner ads and a website with 2 working pages based on a brand of our choice. Urwerk is the brand I chose, here is their

Above is a close up of one of their watches called the Blackbird, and below that is an example of what the home page of the site that I designed looks like. I plan to still add some content on the left to balance it more.

7 Deadly sins & the Crane

Our brief was to choose one of the 7 deadly sins and do an illustration based on it. We also had to place the sin name within our illustration as well.

I Didn't want to use people to communicate the message and rather personified 2 dung beetles to portray my message...

This illustration was a class exercise where we had 2 hours to scamp, live-trace, and colour a character of our own design, the result of which is above.

Class Tutorials

The above tutorial uses a technique called Displacement Mapping to place an image, type or whatever you want in an environment in such a way that it looks like is belongs to said environment.

eg. We took a graffiti piece and made it look as if it was part of the wall, even though it is a seperate image. The graffiti takes on and molds itself around the bricks and their indents.

Another tutorial done was creating the effect of using a Tilt Shift Lens on an image in photoshop. The overall effect is one that makes an image look as if it is a miniture scale model of a building, people, cars, etc.