Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monzamedia - Day 8/9/10

Well I finished the vector art today, only had a bit to do, and then got back to work on the animation. I spent the next 3 days working on this as I was told by the end of day10 I must have the gecko doing a full loop, touch ups and that will come later but we just need to get him walking in a full circle so the timing of the animation can therefore be determined, what he is going to do and when. I've used about 120 frames for the animation.

Worked on him walking on the top towards the left off the screen, slow progress made...

Worked on him settling back into place from the bottom, worked faster as I'm getting the hang of the movement.

Finished off the walking off and onto screen, got the full loop done. Tail needs work and character elements need to be developed, i.e. breathing, stopping, maybe catching a fly.

By the end of this week I was drained, dealines at college became a bit more diffcult to juggle...time is but so scarce.

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